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Thread: Testing in 3..2...1..But what do you think?

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    Default Testing in 3..2...1..But what do you think?


    So I had my period this month, it ran from the 4th to the 8th/ 9th. This was all normal. 2 days ago I experienced some fairly strong tensing when I urinated and then blood spotting, this happened for about 7 trips to the bathroom which were mostly teaser trips where I only peed a little. One time I wiped and there was a small clot of blood as well. So I was thinking an infection of some kind? But the tensing feeling dissipated, and the there was no more blood. Still no more. I have been feeling minorly bloated and a couple of times I had a minor sharp pain. I also went right back to a normal amount of urine. Note that most of my symptoms were no more than mild/uncomfortable, not actually causing me pain or major discomfort. There is also a muccousy clear-white discharge mostly when I urinate. I am thinking maybe pregnant? The timing really could work out based on sexual intercourse etc... I plan on taking a test very soon, but I was hoping to hear what some of you would think just based off of what I could describe. Thank you very much.


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    I also don't know if it means anything, but any aching or swollen feeling is present all around but seemingly more dominant on my right side...? I can't get to a store until tonight due to where I live/I don't drive right now. I am just a little anxious and unsure if I am overreacting to all of thisbecause I have to wait??? That sounds crazy but it does all feel very unusual for my "Normal".

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    I'm not a Dr and this just my opinion but I think you are probably in your fertile window and the sharp pains may have been ovulation. My cycle started on the 4th and I ovulated this weekend. Have you recently came off the pill? Some women occasionally have mid cycle break threw bleeding or spotting and that could be the case for you. Honestly I do wonder about a pissible uti or kidney infection as well.Good luck!

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