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    Default Appt update :)

    My OB appt went great this morning . No u/s, but I'm fine with it, baby sounds sooo good and I've been feeling wiggles and even a couple kicks today !

    I met a different dr this time...I liked her, she was a little more brief than my dr last time, but she answered all of my questions well and I didn't feel rushed. She emphasized the seriousness of asthma in pg, especially after a hospitalization, and the need to follow my protocol as prescribed (lol, not that I need to be told twice because that hospital stay was just so pleasant I can't wait to go back ). I have an appt with a pulmonologist June 18th.

    She bumped my thyroid meds back up to where they were prior to my hospital stay and feels my thyroid levels are perfect (Tsh 0.59 and FT4 1.34).

    She was happy to prescribe Nexium for me...apparently GERD can exacerbate asthma .

    I completely forgot to ask about the tricuspid regurgitation (even had it written on my questions-to-ask print-out I typed up, oy, preggo brain!), but they did get the echo results and it was noted in my check out paperwork. I'll call the nurse about it later and ask.

    My resting heart rate is down into the 90s now and only elevated (110-120) the hour after I used my symbicort so it's not concerning at this point .

    No weight gain since my last appt which I expected (my home scale is spot on with my dr's scale, yaay). So, less than 5lbs total which is typical for me...I usually gain 3-5lbs for the first 20wks and about a pound per week after that.

    My anatomy u/s and next OB appt are in 5wks on June 23rd ! We're not finding out gender, but I can't wait to see Mocha again .

    And no more pelvic or bed rest !!! She said she I can go ahead and stop the progesterone, but I'm going to stay on it until after my anatomy hasn't even been a week since the spotting stopped so I want to give it a bit longer. Had we gotten a visual on the placenta today to check for signs of a sch then I might feel better about it.

    So all good news! I'm looking forward to my pulmonologist appt in June...just nice to get a specialist's perspective.
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    Fantastic news!!
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    Awesome that you were able to get in so soon. Hopefully the Nexium will be able to help with the asthma as well. Hopefully all will continue to look good!
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    Sounds awesome!! Can't wait to see a new pic of Mocha!
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    Awesome Awesome!!!


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    Overall, sounds great!
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    Sounds like a great appointment!! Wonderful that you can feel your lo squirming around!
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    Yay how exciting! I'm so jealous your gender appointment is scheduled! The wait is making me crazy! Lol

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