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    Default Did i mention?

    all of this appendix business happened the day after our big ultrasound..i wondered why little one looked like he/she was praying

    Just starting the prayer chain, thank you to all those who kept us in your thoughts, i really do think we were blessed!
    I was able to share a room with three other ladies who were very kind and helped pass the time, while some poor women were parked out in the halls sleeping under makeshift tents,

    we were also blessed the appendix hadnt burst and
    during recovery when we had multiple scary episodes where we stopped breathing, but by the grace of god we made it thru..

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    Default looks perfect !!!!

    Praise God for a healthy outcome...just sooo thankful you are home and doing well momma !!
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    Glad all is well with the baby. Big hugs. Hope you recover quick!!!
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    So glad you are doing ok! And what a lovely picture of your LO!!
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