So I start these things today, twice a day. I hate them. I wish my hate for them was due to the "mess" but it is not.
When I used them with Jericho (didn't use them with the trio) I did find it messy, with lots coming back out.
However the last couple of times I was on them I found nothing coming back out...and got very crampy and achy in my ute area. Then of course when those two tries did not work...despite everything else going perfectly, I started blaming the irritation and pain caused by the progesterone for screwing up things.

I have taken my first dose this morning, here we are 3 hours later and I have nothing coming back out again. I am freaking out. This may be gross but I was reading around online and saw some people were taking their prog. anally instead of vaginally. Did anyone here do that? I think it would make me feel a lot better that it wasn't getting gunked up in there and causing trouble with my uterus. Thoughts???