Sean had his 1 month appt 4wks ago and weighed 8lb 6oz, he weighed 7lb 13oz at birth. I am worried he isn't gaining enough weight. He was 21inches long at his birth, 19inchs at his 2wk appt and then 21 inches at his one month appt. His 2 month appt is coming up and when I weigh him at home on our scale he is roughly 9lbs... That doesn't seem like enough to me. He was in the 25 percentile at his one month. His next appt is Monday the 19th. The doc mentioned supplementing him a bottle a day of formula is he hasn't gained much by 2mos. If I do this, does anyone have suggestions on how much and what kind to give him? Does his weight sound okay? I'm so nervous about it!!