Crap...positive OPK this morning. I was supposed to trigger tonight and IUI Saturday. Now they are saying no trigger and IUI tomorrow.

I never had success until we added the trigger...even though I ALWAYS got + OPK's...timing just never was right.
I asked if I can take the trigger today and still IUI tomorrow, nurse said they have never done that, but she is asking the RE.

What would you do? Trigger anyways, even if he says it is not needed? I know the trigger does help give the follies a final boost, and since I had one that was not quite mature that boost could help (I did get my two final doses of gonal f in...last night and early this morning thankfully).

I am leaning towards taking it anyway...I know my RE does IUI's 36 hours after trigger, but I do know other ladies RE's do it 24 hours it can't hurt right?