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Thread: Too early for round ligament pain?

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    Default Too early for round ligament pain?

    Ok so. After looking up what round ligament pain is, that sounds like exactly what I have going on. I never had it with my your thoughts would be much appreciated!!

    It's been going on for at least two weeks. Its like a sharp pain in my lower abdomen/crotch area after sudden movements or coughing or sneezing. Like when I am rolling my fat butt out of bed in the morning, it hurts for a few seconds. Or if I hold my pee too long it starts to feel achey down there. But overall it feels nothing like having cramps. Just quick sharp pains, and then afterwards an achiness that goes away soon after. And we have a couch with two recliners on it. It's not exactly easy to put down the recliner, so when i have to wiggle out of the couch I definitely feel the pain.

    Of course it worries me a little to be feeling all this stuff. Anything I feel going on down there is always worrisome.

    But then part of me is wondering if its a second pregnancy thing, a twin thing, my body is definitely changing rapidly!!!
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