Looks like we are finally getting a miracle sibling for our first miracle!

It took quite a bit longer than we expected, however, and we just found out we're having a boy. I am very excited to have a son, but now I find myself wondering how Maiya and her brother will bond.

I have a brother, but he is only 16 months younger than me. We fought a lot, but are close because we did EVERYTHING together. We had the same interests at the same time, the same schools, the same friends, everything. Without the age keeping my two sharing interests and such, I worry that they'll be like two only children, and never be really close.

I know no one can predict the future, and every kid is different, and all that. I guess I'm just hoping for some stories, or anecdotes, or something. Whether your experiences say that they can be close, or that they'll never really bond, I guess I just want an idea what to expect! Call it pregnancy worries or just plain over thinking on my part...

And, if anyone has any ideas on things a sister and brother that are so far apart can do together, that'd be fun, too!