I used to be *Christina* (can't remember password & I've moved) and had my first daughter, Evelia, Feb 26, 2009 -- I was part of the Mar 2009 group, but Evelia came early! Then, fast-forward to Oct 2011 and I found out that I was pregnant again -- with mono mono twins! But, from the very beginning, the timing was very, very off (when I should have been 7 weeks, I was only showing as 5...), and I continually felt just ill. Not morning sickness ill, but icky-ucky-yucky ill. I knew deep down that my body knew that the pregnancy was just wrong. Dec 5, I miscarried. During my healing, it hit me how fragile life is and while we had long-term planned to move to NC to live closer to my Oma (grandmother) and family, I knew that I had to do it right then. 3 months later, we had moved from Chicago to Raleigh, NC. A year later, we had bought a house, I'd transferred from one school to another and back to my first, and my daughter was in her second, great daycare. Now, 2 full years after moving, we decided to try again...and voila! I'm now 5ish weeks...! And this pregnancy feels awfully similar to my daughter's -- not at all like the m/c pregnancy. My first tell-tale symptom was the constant desire to massage my breasts as if I was prepping to nurse -- which hadn't in 4 years! A few days later, positive test. Wow.

The other weird part of this all is that I had gone to the ob/gyn to talk about getting pregnant again in Feb. DH & I had on/off tried since Oct, but the timing was really awkward (his brother died right when I was ovulating & there was no way we were in the mood or even in a good place to make that happen!) and then I wasn't sure if I was ovulating or not...so the dr, because of my age (37), prescribed Clomid for me. I tried it in Mar...and totally didn't ovulate. Nothing. Finally, the week that I should have gotten my period...I just got a lot of mess, but no period. A week later, I wonder why I'm getting so much cm...I test, and I was ovulating! Two weeks later, pregnant. Wow.

I have my first appt on 5/28 for what they call a nurse talk that includes an u/s. Hoping for the best!