Ok so I have discussed DD2's bedtime issues ad nauseam here. I am even tired of hearing myself complain about it. So I am not here asking for suggestions on what to do for her because quite honestly I am at a total loss. I feel like I have tried everything short of putting her in her own room (w/o DD1 which just isn't feasible right now) and nothing works. We have read books on sleep, made charts, switched to to the top bunk, switched her back, used melatonin, rewards, punishments, bribery, massage, stay with her, let her stay up, baths, lavender....seriously you name it we have tried it. I don't know what her problem is and I think I need to just give up. Maybe if there was not so much focus on it, it would get better IDK.

The problem is ME. I am up at 7 with 3 kids and do everything for them all.day.long without a moment to breathe. It's exhausting. It's what I chose and what I want to do, but I need a little time at the end of the day to unwind and to focus on other tasks. I can't do that with kids up until 9, 9:30, 10, 10:30,.... DH and i have things to discuss, I have paper work, bills, things I need to focus on. I just can't do it with the kids around. As it is typing this right now I have been interrupted about 32 times.

I get REALLY cranky at night and I don't like who I become. So I am looking for some suggestions on how i can deal with the fact that my kids are still hanging around at 10pm. I considered just locking myself in my room but that leaves DH to deal with her/them and it will just turn into yelling and I can't relax knowing that is going on anyway. I have also considered finding something for DD2 to do at night....sometimes she will look through books quietly but she insists on being in the same room as us.

So any suggestions would be appreciated. I know it's an odd request. I am just out of ideas at this point! Thx!