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Thread: 10 month having trouble with finger foods

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    My 10 month old DS has been having trouble with finger foods and I'm not sure what to think. Pretty much every time I've tried giving him something he gags and/or throws up a little. I started off with those yogurt melt things...He gagged and threw up; I've also tried very small pieces of banana and Cheerios...pretty much the same thing each time, although he doesn't always throw up each time, just makes a gagging face like he's about to. I asked the doctor about it about 3 weeks ago and he didn't seem worried about it, said not to rush him; so I've kind of backed off for the moment because I don't want him to throw up or gag and I've kept him on the 2nd foods, which he does fine with...but I don't know, shouldn't he be getting accustomed to finger foods by now? Does it take some babies longer to get used to them? Or maybe I'm not trying the right things? My daughter didn't have any problems with them so I'm not sure. I remember giving her mum mums but I haven't been able to find them lately, grr. He only has his bottom front teeth so far though. He will eat 3rd foods a little bit but he makes the gagging face sometimes with those too. I'm just a bit surprised he's having trouble because he wants to chew on everything and seems interested in food we're eating oftentimes.

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    I wonder if he's just really sensitive to textures? I mention that b/c you said the 3rd stage chunkier foods cause some gagging as well. I don't think it would hurt to back off a bit and stick with purees for a while longer if those are going well with your DS.

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