We have 3 bedrooms and use all three as bedrooms right now however, James and I saw a bunk bed at Big Lot and had a general idea of "Hmm... maybe they can share a room however, it doesn't have to be a bunk bed deal to share a room. Sophia's room is huge. We gave Cody choice between his current room when we got done building or the other bedroom which is Sophia's room. He picked the smaller bedroom. Anyways I am torn because they are opposite genders. They do seem to express interest in room share and we would have the option to move them back in their rooms if they hate it and it would not be a big hassle because they don't have much furniture. The reason I am leading towards it would benefit them and us- 1. We can move our computer (to get it out of the kitchen) into the smaller room and move Cody's furniture into her room.
We could put a small table inside of that room with the computer like a kiddie table for them to have a work area for homework and activities.
Thoughts? Would it be inappropriate?