DD2 has never really done an extracurricular activity except private swim lessons. She expressed interest in ballet. She loves to dress up in dresses and supposedly in this class I found they do ballet instruction and try on different outfits and stuff like that. It sounds like it is right up her alley. It's given at a gymnastics/dance studio. It's a 1 hour class once/week, works well with our schedule and is reasonably priced.

There is also a "dance camp" offered through the town. It supposedly is ballet plus tumbling and other things. It's 2 hours. Her 2 friends (twins) from school will be in that one. DD2 LOVES these girls. She would have a great time. The price is also reasonable but it's a little more inconvenient for me. I am willing to bend our schedule a bit if it's something she would like to do. It's also once/week.

She would love either for different reasons. With the first choice she would get more real exposure to the actual dance and also experience taking a class on her own. With the 2nd she would have the social component with her friends and would still do something enjoyable with dance but w/o the dress-up aspect. She doesn't have many other friends and it's not always easy to set up play dates. I COULD possibly do both but it may be a bit too much for her (she is also taking a private swim lesson) and she isn't really good with being over scheduled.

BTW this is for the summer....basically July-mid August.