So Sean hates being on his back or tummy... Sometimes if he is in a good mood he tolerates being laid on the floor on his back but when I put him on his belly he cries and fidgets but doesn't even try to lift his head, he will turn it side to side a little bit but mostly ends up face down on the blanket screaming and crying. When I have him on his back he looks from side to side and tolerates it for a while but then starts to cry and fidget. How can I help him relax on his back and tummy while he tries to hold up his head? When I am sitting with him and have him sit on his butt and look at me, he holds his head up fine, it wobbles to and fro but he keeps it up. Also while just hold him he can hold his head that way but I want him to lift his head right? Not just hold it up. Any advice?