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Thread: Pants/Brenda Update Thread

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    Hugs. We paid out of pocket for our homebirths to. But for me it has been worth it. I highly suggest you having a doula that has experience with vbac if you are doing a hospital birth. The best thing you can do is labor at home for as long as you can. And a doula can help you with that. I will be stalking your pregnancy when it happens. . We go for my ultrasound in a week and as long as the placenta is not covering my scar and baby is healthy r we are OK for another hone birth. So many factors in pregnancy to consider as a vbac. Its so frustrating.
    It's very frustrating! I agree! We won't be TTC until Summer of 2016 even though I want one now!! I have to finish my clinicals first. I can't wait to hear how your US goes! and for another home birth story!
    Hollie(32) & DH- Ken(33)DD1- Autumn DD2- Raegan

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    Thanks Hollie for the support. It helps to have a few cheerleaders. <3

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    Hey guys. I updated this under my "pants" thread too. My ultrasound was today. Everything looked fantastic!!
    I am so thankful. My placenta is in the front but up high. Just like my last baby. Baby is measuring perfect and right at 20 weeks. Everything looks normal and healthy and the hospital OB said that she does not see any reason for me to need to go back for another ultrasound. In fact she said I was just about as text book normal and perfect as they get. And she didn't want to have to even put AMA in my chart. But she had to because I JUST turned 35. UGG...though the OB kinda rolled her eyes at the idea that I am AMA. The hospital that is my backup is so supper crunchy and very pro-woman/natural friendly. It was a breath of fresh air to just be told I'm normal..who cares that I am 35. I just loved seeing him or her move, kick, wave. IT was soooo sweet. I am actually leaning on this one being another BOY. Just a feeling I have. Though allllll of the gender prediction calculators have girl over boy like 80-20%..I am still leaning on this one being another boy. But that's ok with me. So at this point I am cleared for another home birth unless any other late complications come up. My midwife is coming over tomorrow for my checkup and we will go over the results. My next appointment will probably be in a month and I'll need to get rhogam shot again at 28 weeks because i'm A- and DH is O+. I have declined glucose testing. and everyone seems pretty cool with that. Unless something comes up later. I can't believe I am 20 weeks already!!! Crazy!!!

    Here are a few pics.

    web pic 1.jpgweb feed pic.jpgweb pic 2.jpg


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    20 week midwife appt went great. Baby heartbeat was between 139-143. All other vitals checked out and fund us was at 20 weeks exact. Set next appt for 24 weeks.

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    great news!
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    So happy that everything is lining up so well for you!
    Dorcas (35) DH (36) 3/13

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    Thanks guys. Yes me too. I was worried for a while but looks good so far. I'm excited that I've started to plan my sisters shower. She finds out gender next weeks ultrasound. Yay...I'm SOOOOOOOO excited. Her shower will be in sept. But were just starting to think over some ideas.

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