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Hugs. We paid out of pocket for our homebirths to. But for me it has been worth it. I highly suggest you having a doula that has experience with vbac if you are doing a hospital birth. The best thing you can do is labor at home for as long as you can. And a doula can help you with that. I will be stalking your pregnancy when it happens. . We go for my ultrasound in a week and as long as the placenta is not covering my scar and baby is healthy r we are OK for another hone birth. So many factors in pregnancy to consider as a vbac. Its so frustrating.
It's very frustrating! I agree! We won't be TTC until Summer of 2016 even though I want one now!! I have to finish my clinicals first. I can't wait to hear how your US goes! and for another home birth story!