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    I figure I would start this update thread now.

    34 week appt-9/25
    36 week appt-10/7
    37 week appt-10/14
    38 week appt-10/21
    39 week appt-10/28
    40 week appt-11/3 (hoping that I won't go until this appt and baby will be in my arms by this time

    Here is a little bit about me and my family!

    DH AND I

    DH and I met while I was on summer leave from college and started dating May 2000.We dated long distance for 1 year while I was away at college. It was great getting to know him deeply without any pressure for intimacy. After college I moved back home and immediately got a job in a major computer tech company and started working my way up the corporate ladder quickly.We continued to date while he finished college.Got Engaged Sept 2004Married Oct. 9,2005 by my dad (He is an ordained minister but serves as a lay preacher and helps out pastors when they are away). It was a beautiful wedding. Very personal and a very happy day. We spent two weeks honeymooning in Italy! My DH is 1/2 Spanish (spain not mexico) and 1/2 Italian. I am 1/2 German and 1/2 Italian. So italy was a must do for our honeymoon. We returned to the states, bought a house and both of us continued to work for 3 years after marriage before we decided to TTC. We enjoyed the alone time. Traveled OFTEN to so many places around the globe. We paid off all debt and enjoyed spending evenings at unique food place or listening to live music. It was a very special time in our relationship.

    DS #1

    Just before our trip to Bahamas in May 2008 we decided to TTC. We didn't realize we would be able to conceive so quickly. June 30th, 2008 I got my first positive pregnancy test. DS#1 was an easy pregnancy. I never even had one single symptom. But his birth was another story born after a whirlwind delivery March 13, 2009. If you've ever seen "the business of being born" the whole rollorcoaster of interventions was my situation to a T and ended up in a C section. I hung up my job as a team lead over the northeast and mid Atlantic division of the company I worked for and became a full time mommy. And never looked back!

    DS #2

    Sept 2010 we celebrated and early 5 years anniversary with a cruise to Bermuda. We brought back the best souvenir from that cruise and Sept 24,2010 I got a BFP with DS#2. I knew right away I would do things different with his birth.DS #2 was born at home with a planned HBAC with two midwives. Was a very quick birth and the best experience of my life. if anyone has any questions about vbac or hbac I can help.

    So up to today....DH and I knew we were not ready to be finished with children yet. But we didn't know when we would start TTC again. My husband is in the process of taking over my fathers business. So we are putting everything we can aside for the transition. We had to push the business takeover time frame back from January 2014 to July 2014. So we just weren't planning on having another. But we weren't preventing either. I knew I waned to be finished by 35 years old. And DH was on the same page with that too.

    Feb 1,2014 I got my period.We practice NFP so I should have ovulated day 14-15
    We DTD Feb 8,2014.2 days later I ovulated EARLY...Feb 10,2014.
    And I IMMEDIATLY knew..just had a gut feeling that it would end in pregnancy.
    Feb 25,2014......BFP I contacted my homebirth midwife with DS #2 and she told me that things in this state have changed but she would love to birth our child again. So basically I have to have shadow care with an OB office for a few visits. Due date is set for Nov. 3, 2014. We are waiting to find out the gender. We are both pretty set that this will be our last. So we wanted to do something special with this pregnancy. Here is a picture of my family by the lake near our
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