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Thread: Embarrassing prego problem...

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    Default Embarrassing prego problem...

    I think you ladies know I have struggled with some pretty serious constipation this pregnancy. I thought I had it under control but every now and then it flares up really bad again, and this weekend it did.

    So now when I am trying to go it is like a nerve is getting pinched in my lower back. A searing pain shoots down my leg from the left side of my lower back. It is miserable!

    I think I'm going to call the chiro this week and try to get in. ANd up my stool softener back to twice a day. ANd drink prune juice. Ugh, can this be done already!?

    I'm hoping labor doesn't knock it completely out of whack and I end up with sciatica or something. Ugh!

    Do you think I should call my OB too? I'm not sure what else to do.

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    Since trying to go is causing pain now, I would definitely talk with my OB about it!!

    I would also definitely see the chiro.

    Good luck. I have battled it a lot this pregnancy but luckily I haven't experienced any significant pain.
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    I feel your pain mama. This past weekend I let myself get dehydrated and was on a road trip. After trying multiple times to go with no success, I stopped at the drug store and got an enema. It was the last thing I wanted to do but it was an easy fix. but I've read that an enema can bring on contractions so it's not for everyone. Just happy my body is back on track. Let us know what the Ob has to say!

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    I would call your OB and discuss Chiro options or maybe acupuncture might be helpful. I too have been struggling with constipation. My OB suggested taking colace twice a day, but it has not helped at all. If I really need it, Miralax gets the job done within a day. It's not something to take daily, but can help when things get really uncomfortable. I hope your OB has some helpful suggestions. Let us know!
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    Ugh Elle ...I am sooo sorry, that is just miserable !

    Really hoping and praying you find something that helps. I'd probably try miralax while waiting for the chiro appt and definitely call the ob to see what s/he says.

    Thinking of you momma...I know these last weeks are so trying, not much longer !
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