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    So, I'm currently taking (and have been since September '13) Protonix, a PPI and I know this is not recommended during the 1st trimester. I have been working with my GI Dr. to gradually ween myself off of it. I'm taking 20mg everyday (down from 40mg) and in the next few weeks I plan to take it every other day and on the off days take a Zantac. This is all with the hopes of totally replacing the Protonix with Zantac. My question is: How long should I be totally off the Protonix before TTC?

    Also, I'm currently taking a multi-vitamin that only has about 1/2 the recommended dose of Folic Acid. I have been taking a Folic Acid supplement for a few weeks now on top of the multi-vitamin. Is there such thing as too much Folic Acid because I'm definitely taking more than 100% of the daily recommended just through supplements not to mention what I'm getting from food.


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    Default I just left a message regarding the Protonix with my Dr because I realize that is a pretty specific question. But does anyone know whether taking a multi-vitamin that already has folic acid in it and a folic acid supplement on top of it is a good idea? I don't think the multi-vitamin has enough folic acid for pregnant women...I'm thinking I would like to TTC sooner than this fall and just want to make sure I'm doing things as "by the book" as I can be


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    Here is a good article I found on folic acid consumption:

    Here is the section about taking too much:

    Can women get too much folic acid?

    You can't get too much folic acid from foods that naturally contain it. But unless your doctor tells you otherwise, do not consume more than 1,000 mcg of folic acid a day. Consuming too much folic acid can hide signs that a person is lacking vitamin B12, which can cause nerve damage. Lacking vitamin B12 is rare among women of childbearing age. Plus, most prenatal vitamins also contain B12 to help women get all that they need. People at risk of not having enough vitamin B12 are mainly people 50 years and older and people who eat no animal products.
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    Thank you for the information I think once I'm finished with my regular multi-vitamin I'm going to just switch to a prenatal so I'll have all my bases covered and not have to worry about, for now I'll ditch the supplement because I'm probably also getting folic acid naturally from foods anyway. Thanks for reminding me of that

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    Yay! Just got a call from my Dr. We can start trying as soon as I stop taking the protonix!! I'm hoping for next cycle! Getting excited!!

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