On April 17th we had our big u/s at 18 weeks and were told all was good and that our baby was a girl. I had been having cramps and red blood on/off since 6 weeks. On April 18th I went to ER because I had cramps and blood together. The u/s showed that baby had died. I delivered her naturally on April 19th (my birthday) at home. She was perfect except that her hand and arm were growing inside her chest with her hand reaching up towards her heart.

I have seen my OB a couple of times. Last time was April 25th. He told me all was ok and that we should prevent for 3 months. My bleeding has stopped and DH and I have bd'ed 2 times-with no protection. My next appointment is May 23rd. So if I get pregnant will my Dr be able to tell or is it too early?

DH has changed his mind about wanting a fourth. But he is not wearing condoms and we have them.
I do not want to mention anything as if I do he will actively prevent and I still want a fourth.

I am 38 and have had kids in '08, '10, '12 my DH just turned 40.

Any suggestions?