How the neighborhood kids really gather around when the kids are outside and how well they listen though I am concerned about their safety got me thinking maybe I am too hard on myself and maybe I could handle watching kids at my home if all the legal liability stuff were to work out. Now, I wouldn't be OK watching the neighborhood kids for free obviously but, I wonder if I had the proper licensing and CDA training which there is on on Penn Foster maybe the aunt and I could work out a deal.. Or other kids I want to do something 2nd shift because first shift is a dime and a dozen but, one huge limitation for some moms to work is that around here at least tons of mom work retail so I think a 2nd shift deal would be better for our family too. 3P-12AM That way it does not interrupt James' sleep either or anyone else's schedule. I am very fortunate to have kids that are good sleepers. They sleep well through any sort of racket other than storms but, I hate storms myself. I got a quote from Allstate of $225 per year for 8 children (6 daycare kids plus, mine just to cover all bases). I am doing some investigating looking at IN.Gov for licensing procedures. Tips? Advice? Things to Think about? Thoughts?