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    Anyone else dealing with heartburn? I NEVER get it when not pregnant, and with Maiya, only got it a tiny tiny bit at the very end, so never did anything about it.

    Now, however, I'm only 20 weeks (HALFWAY!!! ), and am already feeling it worse than ever. It's not bad yet, but I worry that it will get that way over the next 20 weeks.

    Anyone have any good, safe remedies?

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    I had it horribly with both the girls. Tums did nothing at all so I took zantac. I have not had much this time so have only had to take it a few times. I have heard for a more natural remedy papaya enzymes are good but it is not something I have tried.

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    And when is your big u/s again? ;)

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    Thanks for the ideas! I will try them and see what helps.

    And it's... Tomorrow!

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    Popping in, because I saw the title. (And the poster ).
    Heartburn was a major symptom for me. Papaya enzymes all the way!

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