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    My Sonogram appointment this morning went amazingly well but also revealed a big surprise.

    I am pregnant with TWINS!!!!

    Two little ones, with two strong heart beats. Baby A with a heartbeat of 172 and Baby B with a heartbeat of 155. We saw Baby A right away and then I heard the doc say "Hmm! Two for the price of one!". Having known my OB for almost 20 years, (my Aunt Kathy is a nurse at his practice), I thought he was kidding and I laughed it off. Then my aunt started pacing the room nervously. I looked at the doc, looked at DH, and i said "Tell me you are kidding." Doc was all smiles and said that he was serious as a heart attack. He showed me baby A, then showed me baby B hiding behind. Two babies, in separate sacs, healthy and measuring around 8wks & 4days.

    Today was to the say the least, shocking and exciting. DH and I are over the moon. But also nervous because of all the worries that come with twin pregnancies. I will be monitored closely, but next appointment isn't until June 3rd. Doc is confident and happy and so am I. AHHHHH!!!!! What's a girl to do!!!!

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