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Thread: Been a while and I have a question or 2 :)

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    Question Been a while and I have a question or 2 :)

    Ok, I haven't been on here in forever! So, ! DH and I are thinking about TTC #2 in the fall and I just want to make sure I have my ducks in a row...So, my first question: I'm going to be 37 in October and my cycles aren't what I would call irregular but AF doesn't come on the same cycle day each month. I could have 26 or 27 day cycles for a few months, then I could have a 23 day cycle thrown in there. I was wondering if maybe going on the pill for a few months could straighten that out? After my daughter was born my cycles were pretty much always 29 days but then I had a miscarriage 2 years ago and they just haven't been the same. I'll take any other suggestions! Thanks so much!

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    BC could regulate your cycles, but you don't have to have regular cycles in order to get pregnant. With my current pregnancy we were TTC for 9 months (after a m/c) and my cycles, over that time, ranged from 30 - 37 days.

    I would suggest temping and using OPKs to help pinpoint your most fertile times so that you're timing BD correctly. People are often surprised to find they don't ovulate right in the middle of their cycle. I typically ovulate CD22- 26.

    Good luck!
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    BC will regulate your cycles while you are on it, but going off it there is no guarantee that would continue and people's hormones sometimes go a bit crazy after BC so it's not something I would try before TTC unless it was necessary. I agree that you don't need to have regular cycles. Definitely try temping and OPKs to see when/if you are ovulating. That will help you pinpoint the timing better.
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    Thanks for the advice! Thinking I'll just temp and probably use OPKs and stay away from BCP. I got used to Oing right in the middle of my cycle when we were TTC before...I'm pretty sure I'm not now...I guess maybe it will just take more effort on my part this time around Hope it's ok if I lurk here for a few months before we actually start TTC

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