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Thread: Pregnant? Your thoughts please

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    Hi...last period was April 10 and lasted roughly 4 days. I am typically every 25-28 days.
    Had sex April 18 (pullout method) and April 25 (totally inside, no protection). I am not on any type of birth control.

    Been having symptoms since last week...tired, sore boobs off and on, and just feeling 'different'. I do know my body pretty well and have been pregnant before.

    Would April 25 have been too late to get pregnant?

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    It may have been too late. Were you having any signs of ovulation then (fertile mucus)?
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    I would say it's a possibility. It's also possible to get pg with the pull-out method since semen leaks out during sex and not just at's not as likely, but not impossible. You should be able to test this weekend and get an accurate result.

    GL and kup...the not knowing and waiting it tough !!

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    I am not the best with knowing about ovulation to be fair but, the pull out method is not the most effective my friend got pregnant that way. Not to out anyone but, when I was using this method as well I also asked about it and some of the other moms told me that condoms were better. I didn't get pregnant until I wanted to with it but, my gyn's office at that time told me I was just one of the "lucky" ones. It boils down to your choice of how much of a chance you want to take if that makes since. According to Planned Parenthood 27 out of 100 get pregnant from that method just and FYI. I hope you get the results you want.
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