Kayla is doing good. I however still have pre-e. It is rare that is does not go away after birth. But still very serious. They are worried about bleeds in my brain and seizures. I just got back out of the hospital after going back in for magnesium treatment. It was horrible but took my bp down while on it. But after it creeped back up. SO they have me on little stimulation, dark, quiet room and it came back down with medication. Anytime I walk around or get too much excitement or stress it goes back up. They have adjusted my medication and sent me back home for now. I am on strict bed rest for 2 weeks. But they are going to reasses things tomorrow when I go back in for a check. FX things go well. I am sick of being sick. Also this is pretty scary since 76,000 people a year die of this so called rare occurrence.