When your kids want to play with the neighborhood kids, do they play mostly at your house or other kids' homes? Mostly my girls and the 2-3 neighbor kids end up here, which is fine for the most part. I'd rather have them here so I can keep an eye on my own kiddos. But there are always issues that are not so fun: my 4 y/o always ends upset because so and s o isn't sharing the swing, she feels left out, somebody looked at her funny, etc. Today I had to put the swings up due to arguing and later ended up sending the neighbor girl home and made our girls come inside because I had already had to intervene several times and had had enough. Not looking forward to the summer at this point!

If your home is the hangout house, how do you manage playtime and rules?

(Fyi the kids play outside mostly in our fenced in backyard. I am not usually out with them but can hear and see them thru several Windows throughout the house.)