I had a really busy week with buying a second car and a birthday party on Tuesday, go to the office and shopping for our baby on Wednesday, renew my drivers licence on Thursday (with a lot of trouble due to documents I needed form all diffrent places) and struggling with laundry, cleaning, preparing Elinas room....

So yesterday was my first day to wrap up some things at home, run some errands and just relaxing. I did fine untill noon. Had done two laundries, groceries shopping, post office, took a break/snack at ten, had lunch and was just finishing cleaning the bath when I realized that I hadn't felt Elina moving since lunch. As this was only one hour ago I tried not to freak out, drank something cool and ate something sugary (I thought in this case half a granola bar could not harm even though I have gestational diabetes). Then I layed down as sugested and shiffted positions several times, shook my belly a little...... still nothing. That was the point when I got scared and phoned my husband. He suggested to call my midwife to get additional advice of how to get her move. The office told me to come in to Wailuku (30 min drive) just when I felt a little move. So I told them about that tiny shift of postition of Elina and they said to come in anyway because it was Friday. During my drive I could feel her moving another three times but nor as intense as normaly. When I got to the clinic they adviced me to go directly to the labor and delivery in the hospital. So another ten minutes drive and check in at the hospital.
One hour after my first call I got to the Labor&Delivery department where they checked the heartbeat of Elina right away an put me on a fetal monitors too, before asking me some additional questions about the pregnancy, previous surgeries, and and and. Of course Elina started to move right after all that attention and I felt a little embarrassed of being overly concerned.
After ten minutes we were done with all the questions and the nurse had a look at the two monitors. The Heartbeat looked perfekt and then she said: "You had three contractions over the last then minutes all lasting about one minute. Did you feel that?". And I was like.... are you kidding me . I just felt absolutely nothing except of the movements of my baby.
So they monitored me for another 35 minutes to make sure all was okay and I obviously had contractions the whole time without feeling anything. Which made me feel like an insensitive rock . But as everything else looked fine they discarged me after one hour and sent me back home.
I definitively hope this will never happen to me again. Not feeling the baby move and not be able to make her move was one of the most scarry moments in my life.