My grandmother is now in hospice and on the decline. She has not eaten anything for a week and the hospice will not feed her or give her water, so now she is without water, too. Apparently her DNR order says she is only to get drugs and no food/water or anything. I am not being updated as much as I would like but the last I heard they are not expecting her to last the weekend. I think I have missed some information because it doesn't make sense to me that a UTI and broken pelvis would put her into this state. When I visited she was sleeping and could only open her eyes, however I was told she was talking after I left, though her speech was slurred and hard to understand.

At this point all I am doing is praying that she leaves peacefully and is not in any pain. If you have time, could you please do the same? From what my family tells me, to see her now is painful to watch. So now I am not sure if I want to visit her again.