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Thread: I feel like a bad mom sometimes..

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    Default I feel like a bad mom sometimes..

    Ok I just need to vent!

    Sometimes I feel like I am not being a good mom to my daughter. We are very close to my husbands parents. We work with them and we see them quite often even outside of work. Well a lot of times they like to take DD to their house after work. We only live a few blocks away from them so we usually let them. She is probably up there 3-4 times a week for a few hours after work. Sometimes the nights she is home with us, we let her play by herself or watch her mickey dvds in her room.

    I feel like sometimes that makes me a bad mom because I am not spending a lot of time with her at night. She is with us during the day at work so I see her all day anyways. But I feel like maybe I am being a lazy/bad mom because I let them take her so often or when she is home I am not spending every minute with her.

    I have never been told by my in-laws that its a problem that they take her. They love having her with them. And some nights I go with her to the in-laws. I don't know, I just feel like I am being a bad mom.

    Am I sending my daughter away to much? I don't know. I guess it has just been making me think lately that maybe she is spending to much time away from me..
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    i think that your doing just fine. you said you spend time with her all day while at work so she is probably getting plenty of mommy time.
    if your in-laws don't mind having her (and sometimes you too) then just let it go! enjoy the time you spend with her and enjoy your time alone
    i felt like i was taking advantage of my mil by having her watch my kids every monday while i get groceries... but when schedules are messed up and she does not get to watch them she is sad about it so i no longer feel like i am taking advantage. its the same with my mom, she loves to see her grandkids so much so that she will re-arrange her schedule to come watch them so i can run an errand or dr visit or whatever.

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    I agree that you are doing just fine. You see her during the day, so if she gets to spend some quality time in the afternoons/evenings with her grandparents, I say let her! As long as everyone is happy with the arrangement, then I don't see the harm.

    I am a SAHM and with my kids most every day. When I have a few things come within a short time period where they are home with their dad or a sitter multiple nights, I will sometimes feel a bit guilty. But in the long run, it works out just fine and, as you said, they have plenty of time with me during the day most of the time anyway!

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