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    What is the most accurate hpt for early testing? I typically don't test until af is late, but this month I need to test early. I have a mammogram scheduled and I want to know if I am pregnant before i go in. I would be testing on 10 dpo I think, if my calculations are correct. I know some have gotten bfps that early and I wonder which brand test is the most sensitive.

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    With Jericho, at 9DPO, I got a + on a FRER, - on $ store and a - digi all the same morning. FRER is always my go to.

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    My earliest + was on 9dpo with a cheapie but to be really sure go with the FR
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    I have a FRER in my cupboard, so I will use it Tuesday and post pics Hoping for something definitive. I'm also going to call my dr and see what she recommends, I may end up rescheduling my mammogram.

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    Praying for good news !!!!!!

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    I did reschedule the mammogram for next week. I thought it would be more difficult to reschedule it soon, so that's why I was thinking of testing early.

    Sara (35), wife to Nick (34), mom to Ainsley (2/22/09) and Raegan (1/15/12)
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