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Thread: An update on my TTC Issues

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    lately the last 3 to 4 times i have taken a pregnancy test when my period was late It was my body giving off Fake hcg.I had been bleeding for 3weeks and 3 days when i went in to see the doc.So after 8 1/2 years and 4 doctors later. i went in and see a different doctor and she Has found out what is causing me to bleed for so long and why i can't get pregnant,it is because i have pcos. For those of you who are not sure what pcos is it is Polycystic ovary syndrome.
    This doctor was Really Really Awesome she prescribed me Prova for ten days and was also put on Metformin Extended Release and she also put me on a calorie counting diet. my fiance and i told her that I was trying to get pregnant and no luck yet and she said that is because the pcos is keeping me from Ovulating which means I am unable to get pregnant. Hopefully the Metformin will help my body Straighten out and be able to get pregnant. I also got my yearly pap smear done while i was there.The Doctor had me make an appointment for a month from the 29th as she wants to know how i am doing and if anything needs to be changed and to also see how much weight i have lost. She also said that my weight and the pcos both have caused issues in getting pregnant. The doctor also found some white spots on my cervix so she took a sample and also had my blood drawer to see what all my blood levels were at as some of them were not on my chart. so far everything has been covered by my insurance Thankfully I will keep everyone updated on what the results of the Tests were . This has been one Difficult not being able to get pregnant journey.
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    I hope that this new doctor has figured things out for you!
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    I have PCOS and am on son #3! You can totally do it!!

    In order to get pregnant with my first, I ate like a diabetic and lost 40lbs. Getting pregnant with my 2nd was relatively easy after that. I had a m/c with my 3rd pregnancy, but I don't think that was PCOS related at all. I am currently on my 4th pregnancy and everything is going great! Getting pregnant between 3 and 4 too WAY longer, but I was also 5 years older than my first pregnancy, but within 10lbs of my pre-pregnancy weight with DS1.

    Diet and exercise changes will do 3 to 4 times MORE than what the Metformin will do. I encourage you to aggressively change your eating and exercise habits and I am sure that you will be able to conceive once you've shed off the weight your body needs. Good luck!!
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    Good luck!
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    Hey! Glad you were diagnosed properly . I have PCOS too and currently am exercising eating better and trying to get some weight off so we can conceive too. My doc said I should be good to go once I loose weight. . Good luck with everything and happy you have a game plan.
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