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Thread: Is it just me?!?!

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    Default Is it just me?!?!

    Right now I have a bump so it's easy to see that I'm pregnant. Strangers I don't know come up and just start rubbing my belly, and I hate it!!! I don't really like anyone doing it except dh! Am I the only one who really hates that?? 😳

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    I never really liked it....
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    I think it's a TERRIBLE invasion of personal space. So far I've only had 1 coworker do it and it didn't really upset me, given our relationship, but perfect strangers .. yes. I feel the say way when they think they can touch my baby. OMG, people!!!
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    I cannot stand anyone but my kids touching my belly when I'm preggo, lol, I'm not even fond of dh touching it, but that's fine because he's not fond of it either . I'm very weirded out by people who feel freedom to walk up and touch me...I have even had people poke my belly button when I get further along !!! I seriously don't get it

    LOL, you are def not alone !!!!
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