Today we got some shocking but AMAZING news! We had our regularly scheduled home visit and the SW was barely in the door before she told us she had some amazing news for us. Bio mom dropped the appeal!!! She decided not to pursue it after all so we are now headed to adoption!!! Eeek! We're waiting right now for the SW to file her petition saying that we want to adopt. She said this part us usually quick because it's more of a formality for people who have had kids at least 6 months and obviously we've had her a long time. Almost 18 now. So that should be relatively quick and then we'll get a lawyer and file all the paperwork and get a court date to finalize! It may still be a few months but what a HUGE sigh of relief! It sounds so awful to say but it feels so good to know that the parents no longer have a say. It's over for them which is sad but this is how it needs to be for our sweetie. It's time for things to be settled for her for good and all and we're finally there! We are so HAPPY!!!!