Scharae threw up on the bus right before getting off today. It's the first time she's actually thrown up on the bus, but almost every afternoon when she gets off she feels ill and she has thrown up half a dozen times in the car when I've picked her up instead. The way home from school is super curvy no matter which way we go about it.

I think the reason she's ok with the morning ride but not afternoon has to do with food. She only drinks her breakfast-protein smoothie-and doesn't eat any solid food in the morning. Probably not ideal but it is that or she eats nothing until lunch. Then she eats lunch and less than two hours later is on the bus or in the car coming home.

I send her gummy vitamins and a probiotic every day. Would there be any harm in sending her a Dramamine pill also? Or is that not good to use every day as a preventative? She won't suck on ginger candy-it's too spicy even though she says it does calm her tummy. On road trips we use Dramamine or melatonin (if it's night time driving) to help avoid the pukes. She won't keep sea bands on-says they're too tight (she's a sensory defensive kiddo).

Thoughts on the Dramamine? Is that even "allowed" for me to send and have her take on her own? any other ideas to help combat the motion sickness? It's only a 20 minute bus ride but is becoming so miserable for her!