DD has her own room as she has allergies and her bedding is hypoallergenic. DS sleeps with me in my room in his own crib.. Since DH is not in town M-F(work/School related), I handle the kids by myself at night..Inlaws are at home helping out but I dont disturn them during the night as they watch DS during teh day.

DS still wakes up one time to feed.. DD goes to sleep in her room with no issues(after her nighttime routine).. However anywhere after 12am she will wake up and come to my room. I have to walk her back to her room and wait till she falls asleep. She will do this 2-3 times at night. Just frustrated I sometimes go and lie down next to her for the rest of the night, then she doesnt wake up. If I ask her she tells me she wants me.. I have tried explaing that if she sleeps by herself and not coem to my room, she will get a treat next day, get her goodies etc.. But she will say Ok during the day but not stick to her works during the night..

Between DD and DS I wake up 4-5 times at night. and I work full time.
Can someone give me tips/pointers on how to get her to sleep independently and sleep thro the night without waking up so many times.. When somebody sleeps next to her she doesnt wake up at all.. even if she does she falls back asleep..