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Thread: Daddy went back to work!

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    Default Daddy went back to work!

    So my DH went back to work last night, he left at 2:30am and won't be back home until 1am Monday! Then he is home Monday but leaves at 2:30am on Tuesday for two more days. He works 2hrs away and I only get to talk to him for about 5mins at 1030pm each night. Last night he was so sweet, talking to Sean and snuggling him so tight. Then when he got up at 230 this morning to leave, Sean was sleeping and he leaned over him and kissed him, telling him to look out for mommy and to behave, how much he loved him and would miss him. It was such a touching moment, I almost cried! I go back to work on Monday.

    I also feel pretty proud of myself because I took Sean to my mom's today which is an hour trip north and we spent the whole day up there shopping and visiting old friends. It's the first time I have taken Sean out alone and that I have been able to leave the house in a long time! Sean was so good though, napped perfectly in his car seat in the truck, I even BF him under my cover in front of other people with no problems today!!! Such an awesome day!

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    Yay for BF in Public!!! And Boo for Your DH having to go back to work its really hard especially with the first baby.
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    I'm sorry your husband had to go back to work, but good for you for taking Sean out by yourself! Its awesome that you were able to do that, and breastfeed in public!

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    That is precious!

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    You rock...according comfortable enough to bf in public! Sorry you have to deal with your dh being gone though...but I love your story about him bonding with your son. So sweet!

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    I can't imagine how hard it must be leaving a 1 months old baby to go back to work. Big hugs, mama. Wishing you lots of strength!
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