Wow, I'm thinking spring is hitting hard after a long winter and my allergies are feeling it . I'm already on claritin, flovent, and benadryl daily. I'm going to get a neti-pot I think. I have never used one, but ugh, the sinus pressure and headaches are getting to's definitely worth a try since it sure can't hurt .

My OB said if I'm using my albuterol inhaler more than twice per week to let them know and we'd talk about other meds, but I hesitate to kick my meds up a notch realizing the risks to baby only increase. YET, like my OB said, not breathing well and frequent use of the albuterol isn't good for baby either, sigh . If it doesn't improve by my next appt in 3wks I'll talk with him about it then.

Anyone else working through allergies and/or asthma?