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    At 1pm. That's when my big ultrasound is! I'm excited but nervous. I have no reason to be nervous... but I can't shake this feeling that something's wrong. This baby is very wiggly and active... but I can't get this feeling to go away... I'm not as big as I was at 17 weeks with my last pregnancies... I mean maybe this baby is just growing differently, all pregnancies are different, but its like I was getting big, big, bigger, and then suddenly I feel like I'm not. I'm hoping I'm just overly paranoid... but my gut instinct is rarely wrong... these next couple weeks are going to be a challenge that's for sure!

    Baby has always been measuring ahead, and might still be... we shall find out soon!
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    You'll be fine! You're u/s have looked so good so far!
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    Yay for ultrasounds!!! I am sure everything will be great. Yes your US have looked good so far like Brittany said.


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    really praying everything is well with your little one and you have a great u/s!

    I can't wait to hear how it goes !
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    Jessie, I'm sorry you're feeling that way. I know how you feel about your Mama instincts, too, though and I certainly give them a lot of weight.

    Is it possible, though, that your feelings are a result of being shaken by our DD room's latest loss and the timing? I know it's hard for me not to think about it and get worried that my happy dance at getting into the 2nd tri was meaningless.
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    Thinking of you Jessie! I'm sure everything will be fine

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    Exactly what Dorcas said, the recent losses in this room might have you shaken up more than you realize. I know they have me worrying a lot more than I was before. But I just try my best to distract myself and not let the stress get to me. Here's hoping the time flies by for you! <3

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    Absolutely I'm sure the latest losses here have gotten to all of us. They are certainly on my mind. Hang in there mama. I'm sure everything is ok. And it's so cool you are feeling so much movement. That has got to be comforting.

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