I am sorry for all the questions, but being a FTM I am clueless. LOL So last night I was having af like cramping on and off in my back on the lower right side, which makes sense since he is pretty much on my right side 99.9% of the time. I didn't think anything of it because I have had back pain during the whole pregnancy. I decided to look up what back labor is and I think that what I felt last night were contractions. I know it isn't related to his postion since he is head down and facing my spine. I did read that if you experience your mentstral cramps in your lower back you have a higher chance of having back labor. Has anyone had back labor before and if so what were the symptoms? I am still having the cramping on and off today, but it is more uncomfortable and just a little bit of pain. Nothing so bad that I can't work thru it.