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Thread: Baby Rashes: Dangerous?

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    We took my 9 month old daughter to Xi'an, China last Thursday, and it was a fair bit colder there. She got a fever that went on and off, which peaked at 101 degrees, and now that we're back home, she's completely ok. She's the same happy self, feeding well, sleeping well, and playing actively. However, lots of red spots have appeared all over her body. Some are flat, some are pointed. She has no other symptoms of any kind of sickness aside from the rashes themselves.

    Question is, is this something serious that I should worry about? I'm bringing her to the doctor tomorrow.

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    kids get all kinds of rashes. i wouldn't worry for now. the dr will let you know if its serious. but since the dr didn't send you to an er its probably easily treatable.

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    Kids do get all kinds of rashes, most are not really anything to worry about, especially if its not bothering her at all. Is the rash primarily on any one part or parts of her body? Like hands and feet? I ask because DS had hand, foot and mouth disease a few months ago that started as a low fever for a few days, and then the rash. There's not really anything you can do about it, you just have to wait it out. Good luck!

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    Sounds like it could be Roseola. My first had 2 day fever then the rash mostly on her torso and spread later. The rash didn't bother her any and it passes on its own.

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