I'd like to catch a break here but I don't really know if I am worried yet.

Nathaniel had his nine month check up. He is still growing well and since he is spitting up MUCH less (we are talking a 95% improvement) we can work at getting him off the omprezole. He has that crummy eczema patch on his face that is now infected but we have a prescription cream for that and then a regular steroid cream to treat bad spots before they get like that.

N apparently failed his developmental screening and if he doesn't improve in a month I have to call and have someone come to the house and evaluate him.

The things that he apparently should be doing but isn't:

Pushing up to a sitting position.
Pulling up to a standing position.
Lifting up arms to be picked up (he does this sometimes)
Repeating sounds.
Calling me Mama and DH Dada (he does call DH Dada occasionally)
Walking unassisted (What? He's 9 months!)

He army crawls, sits, working on the pincher grasp, babbles, "talks to us", gives hugs, initiates games of peek a boo, laughs when we do, smiles, makes eye contact, follows us around the house...

Would you all be worried? We still haven't switched pediatricians and maybe she just isn't a good fit. Life has been all sorts of crazy over here lately.