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Thread: Epic mommy fail

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    Default Epic mommy fail

    .... I have been wiping my toddler's face and hands with surface wipes for the last couple of weeks....

    I didn't want to use Pampers Wipes so I bought Babyganics wipes. I bought them online and searched for "all purpose wipes" thinking wipes for all purposes - hands, face, etc...

    Well, just now I realized that they are all-purpose SURFACE wipes. OMG, I can't believe I did this. I feel like such an idiot. My poor baby

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    Totally understandable mistake. Her skin hasn't had any reaction, right? It's ok. We are human. Things happen. Just gotta give ourselves some grace and keep doing our best.

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    You can't be the first person to do this. At my hospital, the super-duper high-level disinfectant wipes they use to clean superbugs off of things have a baby outline with a red circle and a line across it, probably for that same reason. They look so similar. I agree with Polly. Don't beat yourself up about it.

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    Ive done that before with my nephew once. My sister gave me great.

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    It happens Momma...don't beat yourself up too much.

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    Things happen. Your tot will be fine. We've all BTDT.
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    Don't sweat it! I'm sure there is no damage done. Why the heck do they call surface wipes babganics?

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    That's nowhere near an "epic" fail. Don't beat yourself up.

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    Aww, it happens! We all make mistakes, and this really isnt a big deal!

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    Thanks for your support ladies! Yes, no skin rashes or other reactions. He seems fine but it's hard not to feel guilty.

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    This is totally something I would do!

    If it makes you feel any better, I gave DS a yogurt pouch that had been expired for over 2 weeks last week Somehow he didn't get sick...

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    nah, not even close to "epic" fail... i am sure many moms have done it...
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    i agree, far from epic! Epic would have been if he'd developed a rash but you continued to use the wipes causing horrible burns and scarring before discovering it was poison ;)

    Along a similar line though, a friend of mine had some clorox wipes on the back of the toilet and her husband being stranded in there with no TP gave them a try, apparently they burned pretty badly we still give him a bad time about having the cleanest bum around, and that was years ago.

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