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Thread: kids heart beats

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    Default kids heart beats

    ds just told me that his heart was "bumping inside me"
    what do you do about it?
    what do you tell them about it?

    i listened to his chest and nothing seemed odd.
    last july the dr did say he has a slight murmer (sp)

    so wwyd about it?

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    He might just be recognizing his body functions. It could be that he is just now able to express how things feel to him. Its also possible with the slight murmer he could be more sensitive to the sensations of the beating heart. Maybe you could leave a non-urgent voicemail for the nurse to ask them.
    *** Lindsay ***

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    I would completely ignore it

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    Quote Originally Posted by tapir View Post
    I would completely ignore it
    this was my plan but dh would of freaked out and wanted to take him in... just wanted to double check to make sure i was correct in my thinking!

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