First of all...a pic of my beautiful Mocha (see the 5 little dots up by the face? Those are fingers, eep, precious!!!!) :
10wks 2d.jpg

My appt went great! It was a new patient appt so they went over all the basics and I had my initial b/w done. He adjusted my thyroid dose a little since I'm approaching the 2nd tri and is retesting it in 6wks. He did a nuchal screening while we were there since we were doing an u/s anyway (abdominal, yay, no more vag u/s) and said Mocha's measured perfectly . I have an appt with a genetic counselor on May 1st so I'm going to talk about the quad screen and materniT21 testing at that appt (which he offered to do today, but I'd like to talk to the genetic counselor first).

Oh and apparently some changes since my last baby was born: I no longer have to pee in a cup every visit and, this is a big one for me, I will go through the regular screening process for gbs and won't be automatically treated with abx. He said even though I had an active infection, as long as baby didn't test + (he didn't) then I start with a clean slate this pg .

My next appt is May 19th in 4wks. I'll be getting a pelvic, a cervical swab for hpv, and a breast exam at that visit, lol, yay me .

All of my b/w results will be on the portal (website) in about a week.

And everyone there was just fantastic...really couldn't have asked for a better first appt !