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    I am like 6 weeks late and took a pregnancy test after experiencing some nausea last week. it came back positive, however by wednesday nausea, tiredness, headaches are all gone and replaced by cramping and diarheaa. starting friday at noon I have had pain in my left side from a constant ache to a sharp like 9 out of 10pain. of course i havent seen the doc yet and the one on call said that it sounded like an ectopic pregancy but wait and see. any ideas of what to do? i have had 1 miscarriage and one live birth. the whole thing just doesnt feel right to me.

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    If you are experiencing pain like that I would go to the ER. I have no idea why a doctor would tell you to wait with pain that severe. An ectopic pregnancy can be life threatening so you should never just wait it out if that is a possibility. Go to the ER!
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    I'd go to ER...they will do an u/s to determine where the pregnancy is at.

    I'm so sorry you're going through this ...please keep us posted!

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