I had all of the problems in the book while bfing dd1 and did not feel a bond with her until he was over 1 year old. This time, with dd2, is waaaaaaaay different (better) in that we got this bfing thing down by the time she was 2 weeks my nips weren't sore or bloody or anything. Actually, by 3 weeks we were absolutely perfect!! No pain at all...which is completely different from my bfing time with dd1.

But I still don't feel a bond with dd2. I didn't love dd1 until she was over 1 year old. I had ppd and a horrible time trying to figure out bfing. I remember my mil saying "I love you" to dd1 when she was under a year old and thinking, "how freaking dare you! How the heck do you love her and I don't." I was soooo upset that she loved her and I didn't. With dd2, I think I love her, I'm pretty sure I feel it, but I still don't feel that special bond while breast feeding. Am I broken?

I definitely do not have ppd this time!!! I feel amazingly awesome!!! I can't even fatham how I got through the first year with dd1!! This time is totally different and completely awesome!! But where's that bond? Will it come later?