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Thread: baths (not HOT) wwyd?

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    Default baths (not HOT) wwyd?

    So part of my me time i usually take a bath once every two weeks. Dh will put kids to bed and I soak away with a book and candles. with each pregnancy I think I remember being told by both an OB and MW that warm but not hot baths are OK if you have a fairly low risk pregnancy. Does anyone remember or know if that's OK. Just want to double check. I'm overdue on a good bath time.

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    I took baths while I was pregnant. I think there can be a risk of raising your body temperature but I have not been warned of any other risks. I took lots of baths when I was pregnant with my other two. Not so much now though, I saw a spider in my bathroom so I'm not going to make myself that vulnerable ever again, spiders are scary... lol
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    I'm a risk, so no baths at all for me. Around 32 weeks I normally get the go ahead for mild/warm baths (which I hate! I don't like feeling slightly cold, but kinda warm, lol). Sorry, I'm no help.
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    Stepping in to answer With my kids thee ob's office gave little booklet of the okays and no-nos. As long as the bath is warm and not hot its okay. I also had a lot of back pain in pregnancy so a nice warm bath helped. The only trouble I had with baths is if I used any bubble bath products that were heavily scented I got an yeast infection so I wanted to mention to be careful with your soaps.
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    Popping in... My midwife has always said as long as it doesn't turn and leave your skin red its fine. Its about not raising your body temp above 98.6.
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    OK thanks everyone. I just wanted to double check.lindsay- yes I have to watch soaps too!

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