Exactly a month ago on the 19th my boyfriend and I were dry humping on the first day of my period and I'm pretty sure he ejaculated more by my pelvis area than the opening of my vagina. We were both fully clothed. A day after my period ended (it usually lasts a week) I had brown discharge on the 28th. Two weeks later on the 7th there was more brown discharge which lasted about two days. Now yesterday on the 18th I noticed more brown discharge. I put a tampon in today and when I took it out it was covered with this brown sticky fluid. My period should be coming any day now because my cycles are usually in between 27-33 days. Am I pregnant? I've read that you can't get pregnant from dry humping but why do I keep having this brown discharge? I've also had this really bad pain under my belly button. I feel sick to my stomach but I think it's because I'm freaking out so much. Is this implantation bleeding or something else?