Ok, so I've been charting my periods for over a year. Last month I was super stressed and my period was four days late (It came 4-16-14), though I could sense it coming the whole time. This week I've felt off and though I felt fatigued I didn't mark it as anything since I was working a lot. This past Friday (5/2) I had some brown spotting, very light, that went away. Now I've become pregnant three times in my life and at least twice had implantation bleeding so this actually gave me pause. Then last night after intercourse there was a little pink that I notice but I felt no abrasion. I WAS cramping just a tad for a few hours before that. Now when I looked at the period calendar the timing was wrong for implantation but when I reinstated the chart to when my period had actually been due, the timing was nearly textbook. Any thoughts on the probability that this could be the start of someone?